LED Strip Lights On Drone Cameras For Sporting Events And Emergency Situations

The more versatile type of light source called LED strip lights is now popularly being used for a wide range of lighting applications. LED strip lighting is a common sight in home interior and exteriors as well as stores and commercial spaces. Another application for LED strip light is for drone cameras that are used for sporting events, concerts and emergency situations.

DJI, a Chinese company that was founded in 2016, is leading the development of non-military drones. According to Huffington Post, almost two-thirds of the world’s civilian drones are being produced by DJI. Based on estimates, 75% of the drones are being exported to the United States and Europe for people who enjoy flying non-military drones during their leisure time.

Meanwhile, the market for non-military drones in East Asia is quickly growing out of the “just for fun” category. Early this year, NTT DOCOMO, a Japanese telecommunications company launched the first drone that is capable of displaying LED images on a spherical screen while in flight. According to designer Wataru Yamada, the new remotely operated model can be used forsports events, concerts and emergency situations.

During an NBA sports event, the Second Spectrum has implemented a system with the capability to record every aspect of a game and display information through an AR interface. Second Spectrum can be used alongside drones that have LED strip lights to create “jumbotron drones” for each NBA or NFL seating sections. The drones could be used to feature highly optimized AR displays, advertisements and musical performances during half-time.

If highway boards will be installed with LED strip lighting, they will be capable of reporting kidnappings, traffic accidents and travel times. When placed on drones, it can make emergency services better. Drones can also used for targeted advertising from biometric information and big data including mobile billboards that produce interactive advertisements.

The small footprint of LED strip lights makes it an efficient light source to back light boxes and signs, and create exciting visual light effects in coves, pelmets and bulkheads. It is also an ideal solution for indirect lighting, a factor that is often overlooked by many lighting system designers.

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