Locals Testimony To Chinatown’s Evolution

Tourists are busy roaming the streets of Yaowarat while enjoying the bustle and hustle of Chinatown even at night. There are street food everywhere to enjoy and things to see. The tourists might be amazed by all of this but the locals are aware of even the minute details of how Chinatown is changing over the years.

The streets are now filled with vendors that are trying their best to abide by the latest rules and regulations set by the government while the working families residing in the area are already feeling the increase in rents due to the gentrification that is finally hitting Chinatown. There are new business arrivals and a proposal to build a subway link in the area. If this comes to fruition, guests staying at the serviced apartment near MRT in Sukhumvit will be able to easily access Chinatown.

Yaowarat was constructed over a century has passed and it still remains to be the active community where Chinese heritage is able to operate their trades, trade gold, finances as well as food. The shophouses that used to be owned by big families have already been abandoned while other has been transformed into warehouses. Residents are forced to leave the area because of the rising costs of renting space while the younger generation opts to live downtown where they are closer to their work.

According to the professor of urban engineering at the Thammasat University, YongtanitPimonsathean, it is evident that development is on the way because of the approaching constructions of skyscrapers as well as building hotels and stores. This development has been a threat to many historical sites that have been part of the unique history of Bangkok.

In fact, a historical store has already been eliminated. The very shoemaking store that the late King Rama VI used to frequent is no longer in the area. This is according to Yongtanit who is also an expert in history as well as the Charoen Krung community and how it came to be.

Many locals believed that the original magic of Chinatown is starting to fade. Will they be able to revive it so tourists at serviced apartment near MRT in Sukhumvit will still be able to enjoy its raw beauty in the future?

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