Modern Wedding In Australia Could Cost $150,000

Modern dream weddings for Australian couple these days are composed of red carpets, gold cutlery and shining chandeliers. With this set-up, many did not realize that they haven’t booked a wedding photography in Sydney yet but they have already spent around $150,000.

The reason why many couples are spending more than their allotted budget is not because of the prices of the food and beverages, it is the add-ons they choose with high price tags.

One example is a couple getting married this month. The bride is Sally Brown and they will be having 400 guests for their wedding. They have chosen a famous venue in Sydney.

According to her, their top expenses went to the booking of the reception. The basic package price that includes food and beverages is $81,000 already and the decorations are not included in the package.

The flowers set them back $24,000 while the dress cost them $15,000. The photographer was paid $7,000 while the videographer cost $7,500.

She said that they are expecting around 420 people to come to the wedding and their allotted budget is $140,000.

Sally works as a hairdresser and she said that the presence of social media added pressure to their wedding day. This is common to modern brides that are expecting to have the best in their big day but many faces financial challenges along the way.

She said that social media is the reason why the wedding industry is flourishing. These days, one can rarely see simple and elegant wedding with only close family and friends attending posted in social media. Social media will only want to see weddings that are over the top and the higher the price tag, the better. Getting married nowadays means you need to have hundreds of thousands of budget before you can do so and this is not possible for all couples.

It is a tactic of reception venues to present you with a room complete with elegant decorations but after paying, all you get is the venue while you have to pay extra charges to get the same decorations if you desire. While it may be a great to have all those, having the basic and a wedding photography in Sydney to capture the memories should be enough as long as you are marrying the person you love.

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