Myanmar Offers Warm Locals And Beautiful Sites

Year 2012 was when Myanmar’s bordered was opened and tourists were allowed to visit once more. As soon as news spread, many are hoping to be able to get a glimpse of the country. Majority of the temples in Myanmar belongs to the Buddhist. They feature a unique beauty to their gold-leaf form. Inside these temples are studious monks and outside are the warm faces of the locals. Opening the border prompted to the rise in number of visitors coming to Myanmar and hotels in Yangon Burma are the most common option for accommodations.

Myanmar is a country with seven states that carry their unique history as well as one-of-a-kind terrain. The largest city is Yangon and it is considered as the metropolitan city because of the hustle and bustle very familiar to commerce-ridden areas. Tourists looking to see more temples should visit Bagan and this is also home to hot air balloon activities. You will be able to see thousands of temples and most of them are already abandoned which is possible for tourists to climb to the highest part and get a bird’s eye view of Bagan. To those wanting to try the hot air balloon ride, remember that they leave before the sunrise for those who want to witness it unfold while getting a view of over 2,000 temples in the area.

Inle Lake, on the other hand, is a village built over the water thus locals travel around by boat alone and locals live in floating homes. Fishing is their main source of livelihood and the fishermen uses a unique method when fishing. This is also home to the long-neck women who make a living by weaving scarves made of silk and different garments.

While going around Myanmar, you will also see women and children with faces that looks like covered in white paint. This is actually a white paste from the Thanakha tree that serves as their sunscreen. While staying at hotels in Yangon Burma, it is a common site to see female monks going around the city because of their outfits made of bright pink fabrics.

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