New Generation Of Lawyers Are Hardworking But The Standards Is Not The Same

According to Chaudhary Mahavir Singh, the lawyers of this age are hard working than before but the standards have seemed to decline. Despite the fact that the facilities as well as the legal advice have improved in a considerable manner, parties involved in a lawsuit have to wait for a longer time.

Chaudhary Mahavir Singh, 85 years old, has been practicing inside the District Court located in Sector 43 called Chandigarh. The court in which he is serving is turning half a century this coming November 1 since its operation. Singh is considered as one of the oldest serving the court and he has recently shared with The Indian Express some of his experiences regarding the law as well as his personal opinions.

When asked regarding the changes he has noticed during his five decades of serving in the district courts, Singh shared how he has witnessed the growth of the district courts. It used to be comprised of a single room and now each are housing 30 or more courtrooms. Back in the day, the population is lesser thus the crime rate is low resulting to a low number of cases. Even despite the small number of judges during those days, they were able to manage all the cases. Nowadays there are many lawyers listed in the district bar association with unlimited cases available but still litigants are complaining about the legal processes and the often adjournments they have to experience.

He was also asked regarding the difference between the lawyers of today and during his early years. Singh stated that, in his own opinion, legal profession is better than any other and he considered it the best. In this age, this profession will earn an individual a lot of money. He also revealed that lawyers nowadays are more legally knowledgeable and hard working since it is equivalent to money.

He also stated his opinion regarding witnesses that are being manipulated by their own lawyers. Singh said that hostile witnesses are now a common occurrence and this is because of the failing of their own character. He also added that the standard of lawyers this age is lower than before. It all stems down to people wanting money which degenerates the very values of humanity.

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