New MOT Rules To Clamp Down On Dirty Emissions

Many car owners install a Magnaflow Y Pipe because it is an effective way of gaining more fuel mileage. The Y pipe can also increase horsepower by improving exhaust flow. When making a choice for a Y pipe, always consider whether it is worth every extra penny in terms of benefits and warranty.

The MOT test is made annually on vehicles to determine whether it is safe and roadworthy and whether its exhaust emissions meet the required standards. However, in England, Scotland and Wales, a new MOT test took effect last May 20, 2018 making it more difficult for diesel engines to pass. The new rule was introduced as part of a directive from the European Union to clamp down on dirty emissions.

This is considered as the biggest shakeup of MOT for the last 20 years because it will affect all cars, vans, motorcycles and light passenger vehicles. Exceptions are those that are more than 40 years old without any substantial changes made for the last 30 years.

The rule imposes stricter limits on diesel emissions. The limits will be determined through the car’s plate value where an emission limit was specified by the vehicle manufacturer. In cases where the plate value cannot be found, MOT has specified default limits for new cars.

The diesel particulate filter (DPF) will also be checked for evidence whether it has been removed or tampered with. Many car owners remove the DPF to enhance fuel economy; however, this is illegal because the harmful particulate matter is pumped straight into the environment instead of being trapped in the exhaust pipe.

Car owners who have deliberately removed the DPF in order to improve the car’s performance will face a bill of £1,000 or more or have it scrapped. Exceptions are older diesel cars that were manufactured before DPFs were introduced to the market.

If you are going to install Magnaflow Y Pipe in your vehicle, it must have a wide open exhaust path to help build up horsepower while allowing for free scavenging. It is also important to ensure that the type of Y pipe you will get will fit over the stock pipe.

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