New York’s Communal Living Setups

For professionals in New York, they are turning to shared living setups. Living in dormitory-like buildings, living rooms, kitchens and bathrooms are shared. Even toilet papers and cleaning services are also included in the monthly rents. A renter, James Jackson, mentions how he no longer thinks of planning for the little things. He lives in Common’s shared building in South Williamsburg. Common’s property here is its third and its largest. They also have 2 other buildings in Crown Heights. They have space for a hundred residents over their 3 properties in Brooklyn, New York. Ever since their launch in October, they have received thousands of tenant applications.

Common requires financial information and an interview. Their rent starts from $1,800 monthly. Their bedrooms are all furnished including towels and sheets. Use of amenities are included. Likewise, WeLive which recently opened in Wall Street offers the same living setups. They have space for 600 residents.

Couples are also open to these living setups and sharing an apartment with other couples. Each pair has a bedroom. They share laundry machines. They also share the living room, the dining room, the bathroom and the kitchen. They occasionally share meals but also have their own space at the same time. They pay $2,600 monthly in rent per couple. There is a minimal upfront cost that includes the first month of rent and a security deposit of one month too. This is affordable compared to traditional landlords asking for several months of rent in advance. Aside from this, no furniture needs to be bought.

For Jeremy Schrage living in WeLive’s shared buildings since May, he wanted to have a more social experience. In his building, the gym, kitchen, whiskey bar and laundry room are shared. He pays $2,960 monthly. He uses the building’s app to meet up and make plans with the other residents. He also finds the use of shared amenities easy without the need to clean up especially the kitchen wares and dishes.

It may seem entirely difficult to share a living space with strangers and even share storage spaces for Bathroom Vanity Units and other furniture. However, shared living setups are starting to be a trend in modern living with its affordability, ease and flexibility.

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