NZ Health Experts Suggests Vaping Over Smoking

A New Zealand Professor of Public Health has recently just made a statement that any E-liquid supplies retailer would be happy to hear; that e-cigarettes were the better alternative compared to smoking. Additionally, the professor said that smoking rates across NZ could be reduced significantly if the NZ people were properly informed about e-cigarettes.

Professor of Public Health Marewa Glover, from the Massey University, says that smokeless products, like e-cigarettes are capable of being the keystone in the country’s efforts to reduce smoking rates, especially with the data from 2017 showing only a 0.6% decrease in NZ smokers.

According to Dr. Glover, these new products are far less harmful than traditional cigarettes, and, with enough people given access to them, it will far easier and faster to reduce the number of smokers across New Zealand.

Dr. Glover also took issue with the media claims that say that smoking rates in New Zealand had dropped considerably, with her saying that her data shows that that the annual decrease was less than .5% annually, since New Zealand implemented anti-smoking regulations and introduced its anti-smoking campaigns 45 years ago.

The UK, which recently had notable drops in smoking rates, was cited by Dr. Glover as an example for how e-cigarettes are a useful and effective tool for the government to get people to quit, or simply for the people trying to quit themselves.

The notably different results the UK experienced were chalked up by Dr. Glover to their drastically different attitude in getting people to switch from traditional cigarettes, to e-cigarettes. The Public Health England organization even has research with data that says that e-cigarettes are a large 95% less harmful compared to their traditional counterparts.

In order to put this idea into practice, Dr. Glover proposes a programme that provides incentives to those hoping to quit, who will receive government vouchers for use in vape shops, in order to counteract the initial costs of E-liquid supplies, and e-cigarettes, which she says will be an issue for the less financially well-off.

The New Zealand Government announced in March of 2017 that it would legalize e-cigarettes by 2018 as part of their efforts to decrease smoking rates in the country.

Boyd Broughton, the Programme Manager for the Action on Smoking and Health, however, says that, whilst e-cigarettes are a tool for reducing smoking rates, they are not the end-all solution.

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