Perth Zoo’s One Of Two Missing Tortoises Found

According to police authorities in Western Australia, they have found the second endangered tortoise that was stolen in 2011. The tortoise was kept inside one of Perth Zoo’s enclosure when it disappeared. For the second time, the tortoise was stolen when a home burglary occurred. The management of the zoo is warning homeowners to get security doors in Perth because burglars are everywhere.

Back in 2011, the zoo reported that two of their endangered tortoises (Madagascan radiated) were missing. One of them was accidentally found recently from a home located in the northern suburbs of Perth, Australia. It was police officer who spotted the tortoise after he went to the place to answer a report about burglary.

According to the police, the two tortoises might have been together but the other one has fallen victim to the burglary reported with which the police is attending to. The Warwick Police was responsible for the recovery of the tortoise inside a Greenwood house. After which, the police arrested the woman living inside the house who is 35 years old.

Charges have already been filed against her including trespassing and stealing because he was accused of taking the tortoise from the property in Girrawheen.

Simone Vitali, the senior veterinarian of Perth Zoo, said that what happened is quite extraordinary after the staff had thought that there is no chance of getting the animal back. They were even more surprised when they found out that the tortoise lived for seven years despite the absence of care from a professional.

Vitali said that the type of tortoises stolen can be quite resilient when it comes to getting sick but when they do they are also very slow to get back from the stress they are feeling. The Perth Zoo will monitor the recovery of the animals and how they will react to going back to their previous diet.

For the meantime, the tortoises are going to be sent to quarantine for at least 30 days. It was good thinking on the part of the WA police to look for things that are out of the ordinary. They warned homes to install security doors in Perth in order to not become a victim of burglary in the future.

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