Photo Exhibit Showcases Works By Aase

Since she was a young girl, Aase Goldsmith has always been fascinated with the myths and legends of the Nordic culture. It all started when her aunt from Norway created children’s illustrated book for her that contains poems regarding trolls.

Her father was also responsible in her passion with folklore tales and stories as he used to read these to her when she was growing up.

Many years later, she did not anticipated that her photographs regarding these themes will be featured as part of a recent retrospective exhibit. It is currently on display at the Rothes Halls located in Glenrothes and will be there until the middle of next month.

Aase, a popular Scottish photographer, passed away at the age of 73 last October 2015. It does not stop her husband, Peter, from making sure that her legacy will continue to live.

According to him, the exhibition which is called “Never Go Forward Without First Looking Back” is divided into three parts. The main section is located at the Fife Space Gallery and features a number of different projects undertaken by Aase in the last four decades which includes several digital works.

The second section is located at the Foto Space Gallery and it is called “Wild Woods and Old Wives Tales”. The series is complete and up until this day, it has only been showcased in the Cszech Republic. The series consists of works undertaken with the use of double exposure from Aase’s Holga toy camera.

The third section is a documentary regarding her work and can be found at the downstairs foyer. The documentary opens with photographs taken in Glenthrones back in the 1970s. This is during the time that she was part of the Glenthrones Camera Club.

The documentary also included photographs she had taken for the Perth Museums depicting the life in Scone village.

Aase’s husband Peter was responsible in facilitating these exhibits in order to honor his late wife and to showcase her work. While these photographs may not be available for purchase, aspiring photographers can take inspiration and create their own series which they can later on transform into cheap canvas prints.

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