Pineapple Supplies Relies Greatly On Logistics

The pineapple industry has quite a demand therefore it is important to have a transportation logistics specialist to make sure the business operation runs smoothly. The transportation of this precious product is vital to meet the standards of the retailers as well as the consumers. The process of transporting the produce affects the end quality when delivery time comes.

According to an employee from 2M Exotic Fruits Company which also supplies the specific brand of pineapples called Anana’, the development of what is now known as fast-ships is one of the major innovations in the industry. During transport of the produce, travelling time should not be the only factor to consider. The distance going to the harbours should be taken into account and the varying Custom Clearance policies in every country. by average, pineapples are delivered to the retailers between 16 and 20 days from the time it was reaped.

2M Exotic Fruits is the leading name when it comes to exotic fruits including papaya, avocado, pitaya and mango among many others. The pineapple they are distributing is harvested from the farms in Dominican Republic. The good thing about the country is that logistics operations are efficient because of tourism as well as the presence of many charter flights every day. According to the company, there is no other alternative for delivering pineapples if you want them ripe and that is through air transport.

There are many varieties of pineapple but the ones from Dominica Republic, Panama and Costa Rica are all the same. After the produce has been loaded and the plane is ready to go, the principal airports it travels to are Italy and Spain. Regardless, the fruits can be transported to any part of the world.

The shipments are done through this method because it helps in the ideal ripening of the fruits. Using other transport alternatives will not yield the same result. The cost if air transportation, according to transportation logistics specialist, contributes to the price of the fruits when sold. While this could be lowered through ship transportation, consumer satisfaction will not be the same.

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