Pink Ribbons For Breast Cancer Awareness – Do Not Be Mislead

There is definitely no dearth of pink ribbons on clothing and various products at various retail stores. Retailers are actually cashing in on pink ribbons in an effort to show support for Breast Cancer Awareness month. However, before you shop for a product with a pink ribbon, make sure to read the fine print.

Think before You Pink is a project of Breast Cancer Action. The project was launched in 2002 to address the growing concern over the increasing number pink ribbon products on the market. According to TBYP website, any company can use the pink ribbon symbol on its products because it not regulated by any agency; however, it does not necessarily mean that it effectively combats the breast cancer epidemic.

Some products make use of pink ribbons to try to communicate that they are healthy but they do not actually contribute to breast cancer awareness. Instead, the products are simply natural and healthy with the goal of promoting beauty. Sometimes the use of pink ribbons can be misleading so that it is for your best interest to read the fine print. For example, is the company pledging money to support breast cancer awareness if you buy their products?

There are businesses and organizations that have partnered with American Cancer Society.

  • 3M Littman Stethoscope promotion pledges $5 for each Pink Stethoscope sold to Cancer Society’s Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Program.
  • When you buy Catherine Pink T-Shirt online from October 1 to 31, they will donate $5 to the American Cancer Society.
  • Beginning October up to the end of the year, for every Relay for Life and Making Strides against Breast Cancer flag sold, Eder Flag will donate a certain percentage back to the society.
  • Fila USA Footwear and apparel supports the society with a $1 donation for every item sold.
  • For every “Journey for Love” and “Hope” pendant, Fred Meyer Jewelers donates $10 to the cancer society and another 5% on all repairs.

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