Plus Size Women Clothing – Breaking Fashion Rules

The fashion industry is intent on telling plus-size women what they should wear. Many retailers carry only black plus-size clothes or none at all. However, Dale and Waters is bent on providing Australian women comfortable and elegant clothing in different colors so that plus-size women will have a wider range of choice. No plain and dark and silhouettes from Dale and Waters but beautifully printed frocks with attention to detail and movement.

When it comes to plus-size women, they have to adhere to minimizing their full figures since anything less than sexy is wrong. However, +size women should completely break this notion and follow body-positive activism through fashion.

• Wear shorts no matter the size of your thighs. Why should you suffocate your legs by wearing slim jeans during summer when you can wear a pretty pair of shorts?

• Why should you conceal any hint of fat in your bare arms? Plus size women should not conceal their arms to make the sweltering heat more bearable.

• Why should you wear black in the middle of August and face the risks of sunstroke? Summer is all about bright colors even if everybody says that the absence of color can provide an illusion of slimness.

• The latest trends are not only for skinny women. Plus size women can look fashionable and flawless in all white for the summer season.

• Who says that crops and tees cannot be worn by plus-size teens? There is no reason why you should steer clear of passing trends and stick to safe and tried styles.

• Summer means wearing something that has patterns. Banning patterns from the wardrobe of a +size woman can be make it bland.

• Plus size women can kick ass by wearing a form-fitting jersey dress confidently.

• Bikinis have always been reserved to those with flat abdomens, slim figures and a lot of confidence. If you are a confident +size woman, wear a two-piece swimsuit. Fashion rules can be broken and you have the right to wear what you want this summer.

Even plus-size women have the right to look fabulous. It only takes some confidence to get away with wearing clothes that people consider suitable only for slim figures.

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