Pupils Take Their Mid-Term Examination While Sitting On The Floor

Desks and chairs are the most common types of furniture inside a classroom. Students have to be comfortable during the process of learning which requires quality furniture made from durable and strong materials. What happens to a classroom when students do not have chairs and desks?

Pupils at the Anglican Church-run Samaringa Primary School in Mutasa Central had to write the answers to their mid-term examinations while sitting on the classroom floor. Some of the pupils were lying on their stomachs because it was more comfortable for them than sitting on the hard floor. Apparently the school’s furniture was attached and taken away by a messenger from the court because of a labour dispute.

According to Mutare Central legislator Trevor Saruwaka, the sight inside the classroom was really pathetic. He said that his heart bleeds to see pupils suffering inside an independent Zimbabwe classroom. It resembled something similar to war-ravaged countries like Libya, Syria or South Sudan. He immediately called on Lazarus Dokora, the Primary and Secondary minister to intervene immediately.

Pupils right to education must be not be disturbed and it is totally unacceptable for pupils to study inside a classroom without proper furniture. Pupils have to stay for long hours inside the classroom and they must be provided with comfortable furniture.

Manicaland provincial education director Edward Shumba blamed the school authorities for the chaos that resulted into the attachment of the property. It seemed that the school hired a clerk and underpaid him. The clerk was hired in July 2009 at a rate of $50. In 2012, his salary was increased to $250. He resigned in June 2013 and claimed unpaid salaries amounting to $14,334.21. The school received a notice of seizure and attachment from Zimbabwe’s High Court and the school property was attached. The legal matter must be dealt with properly so that pupils will not suffer.

There are school furniture manufacturers that offer quality and comfortable furniture so that students will be more inspired and motivated to learn. Customized furniture may be more expensive but they are designed to match effectively with the classroom environment to stimulate the desire to learn.

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