Ruamrudee School Opening Second Campus In Ratchapruek

Ruamrudee International School (RIS), an international primary and secondary school in Bangkok, known for being one of the oldest of its kind in the country, will be opening later in 2019, with the new campus to open in the Ratchapruek area.

The new campus will start out offering classes covering pre-kindergarten up to Grade 5 when it initially open, which is currently scheduled for August 2019, and will work to expand its offerings. It won’t be a new secondary school in Bangkok, but it’ll be offering Grade 12 eventually, as subsequent years pass and work on the facility is completed

Long-time RIS staff Matthew Fahey, who’s been part of the institution for the better part of 13 years, will take the mantle of Principal for the new campus.

The RIS was founded back in 1957, and, in spite of the fact that Thailand houses at least 120 international schools, sees itself as a leader in the field.

Daniel Smith, RIS Head of School made a statement on the matter, saying that, with the proper financial backing, anyone can build a school, at least the buildings and the facilities. He notes, however, that a school is more than just the facilities, it’s also the history and the people that comprise it, something that can’t be acquired with money, but with time, and careful effort.

The new Ratchapruek campus will be adhering to the same standards of operations that the RIS adheres to, only to a different group of people. Smith says that the RIS took note of Ratchapruek’s energy, development and enthusiasm when it comes to getting quality education.

Fahey also promised that the second campus would be sticking to the same standards as the original campus, the same curriculum, and bringing in staff of similar calibre. He notes that the aim of the school is would be to make sure that the students successfully gain admission in the top universities in the county, explaining that a school’s purpose is to give improve a student’s opportunities in life, both in education and career, so they can make the best of their lives.

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