Searching Among Secluded Parts Of Thailand

Annually, around 25 million tourists are visiting the country of Thailand. Majority of them are going south upon landing in Bangkok because this is where they will get beautiful beaches and palm trees. With the amount of crowd one has to compete with, it might sound impossible to find secluded spots and sceneries that have not been spoiled yet by commercialism. Getting around the islands is easy as there are ferries such as a boat to Koh Tao.

Visiting KohSamui, one might feel the business of the town centre but as soon as they get to Chaweng, it is another story. This is where one will be able to appreciate the Gulf of Thailand as it feels a world away from the crowd. There are private resorts in the area that can offer a relaxing stay. While it may be tempting to stay alone inside the hotel and enjoy the zen, missing the beauty of KahSamui is something one might regret later on.

One of the most popular attractions in the area is Luong Pordaeng, monk that has undergone mummification. Three decades after passing way, his body is yet to decompose. This is where one can experience the fortune telling ritual.

After this, visitors should see the Samret Temple because of its tranquillity among ornate buildings. There monks in the area and ordination ceremony according to Buddhism is held there. During the ceremony, new monks will promise to uphold 227 vows that has been order by Buddha.

On the northern coast is where the Plai Laem temple is located. Once has to persevere and climb quite a number of steps in order to get a good look at the Golden Buddha which is 12 meters tall. From there, one will be able to see the beautiful view of the other islands in Samui, the Koh Tao and KohPhangan.

To see these islands from a distance is not enough as you have to experience them up close. KohPhangan is home to the most celebrated party in the country, the Full Moon Parties. This happens once monthly and thousands of party animals are coming to participate. Once you have visited KohPhangan, it is time to take a boat to Koh Tao and see for yourself why Thailand has the best views and beaches.

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