Seattle Remains To Have The Most Number Of Tower Cranes In The US

If you will take a look at the North America skyline, you will see a good number of tower cranes because construction has reached a new peak. For the 3rd year in a row, Seattle has retained the title as the crane capital in the United States. In the early months of 2018, there was a relative lull but now the state has rebounded strongly.

Seattle skyline has 65 construction cranes which is 25 more than the next US city, Chicago with 40. Los Angeles has 36 but latest reports indicate that the state has tied with Chicago in second place. Over the last few years, the number of cranes in Seattle was steady at 60 but six months ago, it dipped to 45. According to Rider LevettBucknall that counts the number of cranes in big cities 2 times a year, the decline in the number of tower cranes was due to a construction slowdown early in 2018.

Now the tower cranes are back because the outlook for construction this year is very optimistic. An unusual high number of projects commenced at the same time toward the end of last year before the cranes were counted. The area’s suburbs are not included in the count but officials in Bellevue report 14 cranes whichare twice as many as the high point in 2017.

Bellevue has more tower cranes than Boston, Phoenix and Honolulu because of the new skyscrapers and the burgeoning Spring District constructions around the new light rail station. According to Doug Demers, managing principal of B+H Architects in Seattle, more hammering and concrete pouring can be expected even if real estate and labor have become expensive.

Rising costs have certainly an effect but construction activities remain robust. There is no slowdown on the incoming investments from Asia and the Middle East. Demand for housing and infrastructure continues at a high rate.

Do you think an illustrator of North America Skyline Illustration will include the towering construction cranes? It is very likely that the cranes will be part of the illustration because they are important factor in showing the progress on the state.

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