Social Outrage Over Halloween Costumes

Halloween is fast approaching and Halloween fever is on the rise, it is quite timely to know some Halloween facts and news.

If you want to know who gets the ultimate decision of what grow up people should wear during Halloween in New York- the answer is apparently everybody. There is now this so called Halloween wars going on in New York. Apparently these wars focused more on pop culture costumes which have heated up very early this year. There are several petitions and social media rampage and outrage has been erupting. The social media are really flying over a crazy and outrageous costumes circulated in the internet. There is a Cecil-like lion head paired with a blood spattered dentist dress and a replica of the cream colored corset of Caitlyn Jenner. This was the same corset that she wore when he came out on the cover of the famous Vanity Fair.

But how does this latest trendy example of Halloween costumes clashes with a holiday differ from the always off-base behavior like the blackface in honor of Julianne Hough or the non-Halloween Nazi Prince Harry?
A professor at the University of Albany, Richard Lachman, who includes the topic of Halloween in his culture course during lectures in his sociology class, said that the costumes seem to be very provocative year on year basis with equally pumped up backlash. There are also a large number of people who feel that the celebration of Halloween is an irreligious pagan holiday in order to begin with and are upset with this celebration.

History of Halloween
Modern celebration of Halloween has clearly deviated from the ancient source of this tradition which is from the ancient Celtic holiday called Samhain. A modern Halloween celebration has become less about ghouls, ghosts and commemoration of the dead and has become more about candies and costumes and chocolates. The Celts used the Halloween in order to mark the end of the season of harvest and then begin winter. The Celts also believed that this certain transition between the seasons is a bridge of the world of the mortals to the dead. Over the course of centuries this holiday celebration has transitioned from a pagan ritual to a time of merriment.

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