Some Helpful Tips To Plan A South America Tour

South America is a big continent consisting of fifteen nations. The beautiful continent offers a lot of exiting travel opportunities. Tourists can enjoy a variety of experiences, ranging from unique cultural events, scenic natural sights and archaeological wonders.

Here are some helpful tips for your South America Tour, to help you plan an adventurous itinerary of the continent.

Best Time To Visit

Though the continent is breath-taking round the year, tourists can benefit by knowing the best season to travel. The most popular tourist season in South America is from December to February. Scores of tourists flock to the tourist destinations in South America during these months. The airfares and hotel tariffs tend to be high during this season. The low tourist season is between June and August. Hotels, air fares and shops offers huge discounts during the off-season. Tourist looking for discounted travel should plan a trip in the Spring and Fall seasons.

How to Reach

There are a number of International airports around the continent. Book an air ticket to the country, which you wish to explore. You can also get the tickets booked by travel and tour operators.

Getting around South America

All the countries in South America are connected by air. You can visit the different countries by booking flight tickets from one destination to the other. However, air travel is expensive in South America. Tourists looking for budget travel can opt for bus. Travelling by bus is the best way to experience the country side and enjoy the natural wonders of the continent. Tourists travelling by bus will have to switch carriers at each country.


South America is a vast continent with many countries. It has a range of sightseeing opportunities, starting with awe-inspiring deserts, beautiful and lush jungles and huge mountains and glaciers. Some of the must visit attractions on a South America Tour are Machu Picchu in Peru, The amazon rain forest, The Angel Waterfalls in Venezuela, The Atacama Desert, The Easter and Galapagos islands, The Andes mountains, The Amazon River and the Salar de Uyuni salt flat. Apart from these, there are many other tourist destinations and experiences that are not to be missed. Contact a reputed tour operator for South America to get details about the other attractions in the continent.

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