Teaching English As A Foreign Language In India

In India, English remains to be a foreign language to its city government schools. Based on the results released by city government schools, about 1,887 students will be reappearing for the Class 12 examinations. Students who are required to reappear for the examinations will be given remedial classes.

According to the most recent survey on state level learning achievement that was conducted by a city-based college on government schools, Class 3 and Class 5 students were found out to have below average performance in both languages and mathematics. A large number of students cannot even compose simple sentences like “I am going to school.”

In the government’s model senior secondary school (GMSSS) Sector 18, a total of 26 students failed in English while in Sector 37, six students also failed on the subject. School heads particularly those from periphery schools like the GSSS Dhanas, GSSS Raipur, GSSS Behlana, GMSSS Karsan and GSSS Mauli Jargan confirmed that a good majority of their students have compartment in English. The best students who got 98% to 99% in other subjects only managed to achieve 70% to 80% grades in English. If the best students cannot obtain good grades in English, there must be something wrong.

The reasons for the poor results particularly in English are Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) wherein the school is required to pass a student irrespective of the knowledge possessed. Another reason is the workload of teachers working for government schools. The teachers do not have enough time to spend on children because they are involved in different activities.

There were students that gained much below average results in language skills, English listening, English speaking and writing. The worst results were found out to be on English writing. In order to improve English performance, the report suggests programmed learning classes and student academic sustenance program.

Teaching English as a foreign language has high demand because of the need for communication competencies and skills to be highly competitive in the global job market. Because of the demand for English teachers, taking the TEFL certification will pave the way for a high paying teaching job.

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