Teamsters Opposes The Hiring Of Immigrants As Truck Drivers

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Meanwhile, Ontario Trucking Association has revealed that there is a shortage of truckers in Ontario and they want to bring in more foreign workers for the job. Long haul trucking is not very attractive to people in Ontario. However, Teamster Canada, the country’s largest transportation union has expressed its opposition to the idea.

According to Teamster Canada, hiring foreign workers is a bad plan because trucking companies must focus on improving working conditions and wages that have remained stagnant for the past 35 years. The plan of hiring foreign workers is nothing short of an attack to Canadian workers. What trucking companies in Ontario must do is to give truckers a big raise and not suppress wage growth.

It is difficult for the trucking industry to fill trucking positions because they are competing with other industries that provide Canadians with a great career. Driving a heavy truck on public roads requires skills and experience. A small percentage of the 300,000 immigrants who arrive in Canada are long haul experienced professional drivers.

The trucking industry has the oldest demographic at over 55 compared to other sectors. The economy of Canada moves through trucks. In 2018, both the US and Canada experienced robust economy that is why there is a shortage in truck drivers.

Truckers are paid more with wage increases to attract people and keep them on the job. Long haul truck drivers are among the highest paid in Canada at $70,000 to $80,000 plus wages. The issue here is the difficulty to attract people to travel away from home.

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