The Evolution Of Travel And Leisure Industry In Vietnam

If you think Vietnam has nothing to rival Disneyland then you should think again because hidden in Bana Hills is the attraction that entices locals and tourists to visit instead of going to Disneyland. There is too much fuss given to Disneyland because of its popularity but Vietnam actually has its own offering when it comes to theme parks and entertainment that could compete with those in the international scene – the Sun World.

This is an attraction located in Bana Hills with view of Da Nang, the central city of Vietnam. It also has the perfect view of the coastline to complement the fantasy setting. One would think that they have entered a new world filled with French castles and gardens full of flowers upon arriving in Sun World. The attraction might not be as large as Disneyland but it already covers a lot with its 90 hectares land area.

The setup is not only unique but also interesting because it is situated up high on top of a mountain. There is a cable car available for visiting which departs from Da Nang going to Sun World. The theme park also celebrates cultural festivals which are usually celebrated around the globe including Halloween, Christmas and even Oktoberfest. The Fantasy Park, which is known to be the largest indoor park in the southeastern part of Asia, is perfect for kids all year round because of the exciting offerings.

There are many attractions to look forward to in Sun World like the Golden Bridge (now the most popular pedestrian bridges after launching in 2018) and the funicular railway (the first one to be built in Vietnam). For Instagrammers, the most popular is the Golden Bridge because of the breathtaking sight. This is one of the reasons why travelers from all over the region are flocking to Da Nang.

If you want to experience other Sun World, Bana Hills is not the only one because there are other parks spread out in the country including Sun World Danang Wonders, Sun World Halong Park, Sun World Hon Thom Nature Park and Sun World Fansipan Legend in Sa Pa.

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