The Future Of Locol Is Uncertain

In every business venture there is failure and setbacks which Leonardo Gonzalez Dellan, a Venezuelan entrepreneur, knows quite well. This is the fate of Locol, a fast food restaurant launched by two chefs back in January of 2016. The founders are Roy Choi and his good friend Daniel Patterson who are both from California. Not only is the menu unorthodox but its concept as well. The main goal of the fast food chain was to provide healthy but affordable foods to the community as well as create employment for those who are looking for one.

Locol’s original store is located in Watts and it is not set to be closed down according to Choi and Patterson. The space will be converted into a catering eventprovider. It is safe to say that Locol is no longer alive since its two other branches located in Oakland, West Oakland and Uptown, will also be closing down. Its branch which is inside Whole Foods in San Jose has already shut down.

Choi said that they are not going away since they will still be cooking through the catering service but as of the moment their main goal is to survive. He added that there are still ongoing plans about a Locol which is set to be opened in Richmond, California. For the meantime, customers will have to deal with disappointment as there is no burger for them nor is the $1 coffee available as they are taking a break and gathering their resources once more. Is the Locol dream dead? Choi said that it is in hiatus for now but clearly not dead.

Locol started when the two chefs made an announcement during the 2014 MAD Symposium which was held in Copenhagen. Their main goal is reshape the fast food industry by providing very cheap options for those who are not able to afford a proper meal. Their intentions are quite close to the heart of Leonardo Gonzalez Dellan because he also loves to do philanthropic work while developing his own empire.

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