The New Sydney Fish Market To Be Constructed Soon

Sydney Fish Market, the largest fish market in the globe to offer wholesale fish products, has got a new design developed by 3XN. The developer will have to plan for purchase of building supplies in Sydney soon but it will all be worth it since the public will now have a place to see how things work in a fish market setting.

The construction site will be on the Black wattle Bay with a 3.6 hectare land space. The new fish market will act as a divider for the tourists since it will block industrial activities but they still get to see the seafood market. The current market is located inside warehouses in one part of the city but too much tourist activities have been quite a distraction for the market’s daily function.

The Sydney Fish Market project is said to be the largest investment to be constructed in New South Wales following the Sydney Opera House designed by JornUtzon.

Undulating timber is going to be used all over the fish market’s building while the roof is to be constructed out of aluminum. The ground floor will be designated for fish products to be loaded, an auction hall and another space where the wholesale market will be located. All of these will be covered with glass walls.

There will be steps leading to the first floor which follows auditorium style. The first floor is where retailers and an assortment of cafes and restaurants will be located. It will be constructed in a way that it wraps around viewing galleries while giving a good view of the fish market below.

The large roof will be constructed in a single-style out of both aluminum and timber. It will follow the flow of the building underneath it. 3XN has been planning right from the start to make Sydney Fish Market project a sustainable one and the roof plays a big role in this. The design of the roof will make it possible to gather all the rainwater into a collection tank. To start the project, building supplies in Sydney have to be purchased and the design will follow through.

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