Three Popular Water parks In Pattaya

Pattaya was earlier popular as the preferred tourist destination for honeymoon couples and solo adult travellers. But with many new water parks and adventure parks in the city have made Pattaya, a popular family vacation destination in the recent years.

The city has a number of waterparks and theme parks to suit all the age groups. All the waterparks are situated in close proximity to one another. Booking a hotel near water park in Pattaya helps the visitors to commute easily to the waterparks and enjoy the whole day without wasting time in traffic.

Some of the popular waterparks in Pattaya are

  1. Cartoon network Amazone Waterpark – This is the most popular and spectacular park in Pattaya. The park has many adventure rides and other attractions like meeting characters from cartoon network and dining with them in the restaurants. The park is divided into different segments to suit different age groups. The ten segments in the waterpark are based on different themes like ben 10, Darwin, Power puff girls and Gumball.
  2. Ramayana waterpark –This waterpark is the largest in Thailand and is spread over a vast area of 184000square metres. The protected lagoon with spray toys is the best place for young kids to spend time. The waterpark is the best place to visit as the water used in different pools and rides is not treated with chemicals and is freshly drawn from the underground wells. The beautiful waterpark is located on a hill and features a natural lake, where the guests can take inflatables and enjoy a pleasant ride. The park has something special for every age group and attracts visitors of all age groups. Families’ visiting Pattaya should book their stay at a hotel near waterpark Pattaya to reach the park easily.
  3. Pattaya park – Located on the Jomtein beach, Pattaya Park is a popular landmark. The park has a 240 metre tall observation tower which also functions as a jumping tower. Visitors can enjoy magnificent 360 degree views of the city from the three revolving restaurants in the tower. The Pattaya Park also has a separate waterpark and amusement park. Visitors can stay at the hotel near waterpark in Pattaya and easily reach the Pattaya Park to enjoy a whole day of fun.
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