Three Vehicles Added To The Fleet Of The TAG Farnborough Airport

After our meeting with Link Airport, we found out that thee Renault ZOEs will be the addition to the fleet owned by the TAG Farnborough Airport. It was revealed after the delivery of the three electric vehicles into the airport. The additions are needed in order to meet the target set by the company regarding carbon footprint as well as sustainability.

The vehicles are responsible in taking the staffs from one building to another and in some cases to the tower where the main control is located.

According to the environment manager of the TAG Farnborough Airport, Miles Thomas, the airport is determined in reducing the negative effect caused by the vehicles used by the staffs. Carbon footprint is being closely watched among various department and services. This is the reason why they have ordered additional vehicles which are electrically powered.

Thomas also revealed that though there are many options for electric vehicles, they have certain requirements when choosing and only the ZOE met all those requirements. The vehicle’s running cost is fairly low while there is zero emission. Aside from that, it is very functional, small, easy navigated and can be enjoyed by the driver because of its impressive range.

Thomas also added that the staffs reaction were all positive as they have described the ZOE as fantastic. They enjoy driving and these positive results will be another motive for them to add more electronic vehicles to the airport fleet.
The product manager of the electric vehicles produced by Renault in the UK, Mr.

Ben Fletcher, has expressed how consumers are more likely to buy electronic vehicles after having witnessed its benefits. The vehicles are not only practical but offers a big space. For a family car it is also ideal since it is well-equipped and the technology used is very innovative. Because of the low running costs, drivers will be able to save a lot and is contributing less to the carbon footprint.

Fletcher also revealed how drivers loved the ZOE and its incredible performance which makes it a great addition for fleet operators and families alike.

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