Treatment Options For Cocaine Addiction

Cocaine is the most commonly used recreational drug. Cocaine alters the availability of dopamine in the brain and causes temporary improvement in mood and euphoria. The alteration of dopamine in the brain results in increased motivation and enthusiasm. But longer duration abuse of this drug results in serious complications to the heart, brain and kidneys and can also prove to be fatal.

Cocaine addiction should be treated at a Chemical Dependency Rehab centre. There are several treatment options that are effective in dealing with cocaine addiction.

  1. Counselling therapies – Some therapies like the cognitive behavioural Therapy and other counselling therapies are effective in treating cocaine addiction. These therapies help the patients with addiction to understand the problem and identify the triggers of addiction. These programs are often conducted as part of group therapy sessions in reputed Chemical Dependency Rehab centres. The counselling sessions are often conducted under the supervision of certified drug counsellors and therapists.
  2. Couple therapy – The involvement of family members also plays an important role in the addiction treatment. Couple therapies involve the partners of the addicts in the treatment plans.
  3. Incentive based therapy – Incentive based therapies reward the patients suffering with cocaine addiction, with interesting incentive such as vouchers, gifts, rewards etc. to motivate them from staying off the substance.
  4. Support groups – Patients suffering with cocaine addiction can also join support groups to meet people with similar problems. These groups help the addicts to discuss the problems related with addiction and come up with solutions to deal with these problems. The support groups meet regularly and discuss the various problems faced by the members.

Cocaine rehab treatment can be taken as an out-patient treatment or residential treatment depending upon the severity of addiction. Most of the luxury Chemical Dependency Rehab centres offer residential programs to treat severe cocaine addiction. These centres design customized treatment plans to suit the condition and addiction level of the patient. The rehab plan consists of a combination of all natural detoxification, behavioural therapies and support groups. All the rehab programs should be conducted under the supervision of certified and experienced medical professionals, addiction specialists and counsellors, who take care of the patients round the clock during the treatment. Patients undergoing proper treatment recover from their dependency and can lead sober life.

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