Tree Safety During Storms And Construction Projects

If there is one thing that can have a great impact on trees, it would probably be the weather. When the weather is good and nurturing, there is a higher chance for trees to grow healthily strong. Unfortunately, the weather is always at a constant change and there are times when the weather turns out for the worst. Storms are not only devastating to the trees, but to homes and the surrounding landscapes as well. When strong tearing winds and the outpouring rain work together, the soil would become softer and if the winds turn out to be relentless, trees may be uprooted or overturned. Lightning is also a powerful force. When lightning strikes a tree, water is vaporized from the tree and would cause the tree to split or even explode. Sadly, there is no way of preventing such disasters as they are naturally occurring. One thing is for certain, though, they will cause significant damage to personal property and utility lines whenever they occur.

When they do strike, it is important that a tree owner should first assess the damages and then take safety precautions. Never give into the urge of doing it yourself. Always call for professional tree services like Ark Tree Work that work within Buornemouth because they are the ones who are fully capable and qualified for tree work.

With human activities such as construction projects, tree damage can be avoidable. You only need to take some certain steps.

  • Effective Planning. Your arborist and your builders must work together in the planning phase of the construction so that effective measures can be taken to help the trees survive.
  • Erect Walls or Barriers. This is probably the most effective way that a homeowner can use to protect his trees. He can erect barriers or walls around the trees in order to limit the access of people to it.
  • Maintain Good Communication. It is important that you communicate with your arborist, builders and contractor so you can clearly describe your objectives to them. You should visit the site at least once a day so that your workers would know that you mean business and would take your wishes more seriously.
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