UAE Moving Firms Expect Better And More Business This Year

Last year, moving companies in the UAE were challenged by a slowdown in business because workers have lost their jobs requiring them to go home. Now, UAE moving companies are preparing for a more stable year.

Every year, at least 400 moving companies in the UAE assist heavily transient expats in packing up and shipping people’s belongings back to their own countries or to a new a life abroad. There is a lot of business for moving companies because expats comprise 80% to 90% of the country’s population.

By December when expats begin to arrive or head off, packing and relocation companies start to get very busy. From April up to August, movers and packers have to work at feverish pitch because the school year and worker’s contracts will end. This coincides with the temperature getting uncomfortably hotter.

According to some moving companies, at this same time last year, companies were downsizing. Nowadays, everything seems to have stabilized particularly the inflow and outflow of workers. However, many local firms are still cautious because energy prices are still low with a noticeable absence of a large number of workers.

Last year, ISS Worldwide Movers managed 5,000 moves to and from Dubai and Abu Dhabi with 65% of the people leaving the country for good. There is still a large number of people that remained but are planning to leave because they feel that the cost of living and education are higher than the countries they planning to migrate to.

However, in spite of the outflow, there are some growing sectors that are attracting people to the UAE. Many of the new arrivals have found jobs in construction projects and in the hospitality sector. According to another UAE moving firm, inquiries have increased by 35%. If the trend continues, it will be a very busy summer for moving companies.

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