Vespa Scooter Celebrating 50 Years In The Industry

Vespa, a manufacturer of motorcycle in Italy, launched an iconic model 50 years ago. The model is called Primavera and still remains to be available in Vespa dealers globally because of its iconic representation of the company. The model is one of the best selling in the history of the Vespa brand. In celebration of its five decades in the industry, an event called Vespa Color Days was organized. This is an entire weekend dedicated to celebrate the entire town of Pontedera which is located in Tuscany, Italy.

During the event, the whole town will be transformed to resemble a large village of Vespa. There will be programs during the weekend in celebration of the most famous scooter all over the globe. It is expected that thousands of people will come to the event including enthusiasts, fans and families. They will be coming from various parts of Italy to celebrate Primavera. The model may be small but it is lively and fast at the same time.

During its original launching in 1968, it only has a 2-stroke engine. From then on, it has continued to be one of the most successful of all the motorcycle brands. On the same weekend, people will also get to witness the launch of the latest Piaggio Museum. There will be additional exhibition areas and visitors will get to see the new collections that comprise the biggest museum of motorcycle in Italy.

Primavera’s introduction was considered to be a revolution therefore the event is not just to celebrate the scooter model but also the local community wherein it was originally created. During the weekend, guests will be able to visit the Pontedera factory for free as long as they have online bookings. The visit will have a tour lasting 45 minutes wherein they will see the electric train used for assembly lines and they will interact with the same people that created the original scooters.

Through five decades have already passed, Vespa dealers around the world testified that the iconic scooter remains to the ambassador of the style with which Italians are known for.

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