Weight Loss Solutions In A Bottle

People have been looking to lose pounds using weight-loss solutions packed in bottles.

The demand for weight loss products

Ashley Morrison, manager of Sunshine Natural Foods, mentioned that their store has ordered ten times more of the liquid protein they previously carried. She added that the rush is partly due to radio and internet ads for the same products.

The primary ingredients for this product at Sunshine include casein hydrolysate and collagen hydrolysate, giving 15 grams of protein on every serving.

Morrison mentioned that the recommended dose is at 1 ounce per day before going to bed. She added that the protein can help minimize appetite in the day, and it can help speed up the metabolism.

She mentioned that she has seen some customers lose weight from it. One women lost six dress sizes with the protein, while cutting on sweets and doing light walking.

Ginger Pino, a Harvest Drug and Gift pharmacist, mentioned that they had difficulty keeping products in stock following a recommendation of weight loss supplements from Dr. Mehmet Oz on his show.

Recommendations from a popular TV show

An episode from The Dr. Oz Show showcased raspberry ketones and green coffee bean extract as top weight loss products.

Pino mentioned that many customers reported great results from using both. She added that their customers are very excited of the green coffee bean extract since it gives results without doing exercise or going on a diet.

This extract has chlorogenic acid that prevents the release of glucose while improving metabolism.

A study done by Dr. Joe Vinson, followed 16 adults who supplemented the extract in a period of 12 weeks. They lost 17 pounds each, on average, with no exercise or diet.

Raspberry ketones, on the other hand, act as alternative energy supply that burns fat cells for energy.

Biggest success with HCG products

Pino mentioned that human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) still shows the biggest success.

HCG, together with a very low calorie diet (500 calories per day), can promote a one-pound per day weight loss.

Although there are many over-the-counter HCG products made illegal, it can still be acquired with a physician’s prescription. People need to buy HCG drops from reliable retailers, as many are available OTC but do not contain the HCG hormone, according to Pino.

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