What To Know About Khao Lak Diving?

Khao Lak is at the north of Phuket with its long stretch of beaches along the Andaman Sea. The area is popular especially for those wanting to go Khao Lak diving and snorkelling. It showcases the natural beauty and amazing culture of Thailand.

The area of Khao Lak was destroyed in the 2004 Indian Tsunami. The island has quickly recovered and show no signs of natural disaster, except for the tiny naval boat left in the jungle to celebrate those who lost their lives in such tragic incident.

Khao Lak is the best choice for those wanting to enjoy a beach holiday for a reasonable price. At its beaches are a crowd in some resorts, restaurants and sun loungers. You can also choose to go Khao Lak diving if you want to explore the underwater world of the island. Check out dive centres in the area or book a liveaboard trip.

Khao Lak really offers two highlights. The first is diving at the Similan and Surin islands, which are renowned national parks of the world. The reefs surrounding the islands are known to be the best diving in Thailand and rated as the top ten dive sites in the world by the National Geographic.

For those looking for culture, you will find some sea gypsy settlements, where you can visit on the island just near the coast. You’ll also enjoy a trip to the Phang-Nga Bay, where the iconic James Bond film was shot. There’s also the fascinating Koh Panyi located in the bay., which is an artificial floating island inhabited by the Muslims. You’ll also find a football pitch, which became a subject of the film made about Koh Panyi.

If you’re looking for a nice accommodation in Khao Lak, you’ll find a number of luxury to mid-range hotels and hostels available here. There are also inexpensive bungalow places to book. This is a better destination than what you find in Phuket, and you’ll find the nightlife livelier without being too seedy or raucous. The place is perfect for Khao Lak diving. You can also take your family for fun and excitement.

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