What You Get When You Join Charity Works Like Those From Denis Obrien

What is really charity work? Will the people working for the charity get paid? If they get paid, can you consider them selfish. Charitable institutions include financial supporters and volunteers so some may get paid while the majority may not be. Let’s take a look at how the foundations of Denis Obrien work.

Take a look a factory where meal packs are massively produced to feed the hungry from around the world. There will be managers, office and production people, packers, truckers and shippers who may or may not get paid to do their jobs. The manufacturing and shipping parts of the process will get the meal packs reach the starving. On the promotion side, charitable institutions like those of Denis Obrien will seek fundraising events and processes to take hold of money from donations. Sometimes, marketing and advertising companies are hired to come up with an advertising plan that gets positive results. These people get paid. The reason for this is making the charity organization successful by allowing donations and fundraising campaigns enter the institution.

Another perfect example for organizing the meal pack program is choosing distributors that can have a nutritional mix of meals. The meals are then sent to charitable institutions where they distribute the packs to areas that are supported by the charity or its ministry. The process encourages volunteers to join the cause to help meet the demands of the needy. They can participate in the sending of the food especially for those starving from anywhere in the world. Because there are still more people to feed, the process is perpetual and will keep growing. Even those with malnutrition are provided with meal pack programs; hence, this need a perpetual fundraising campaign.

Denis Obrien is owning and managing two foundations for those from around the world who need help. His first organization, the Irish O’Brien foundation is run by his mother and has helped people in selected areas that include construction, medicine and even during calamities and disasters. Like the Digicel Foundation, it was Mr. Obrien’s initiative to seek help from the U.S. government so they come up with better alternatives to alleviate the problems caused by the 2010 earthquake in Haiti. All causes have had positive results and have helped several people.

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