When Do You Need Probate Lawyers In Melbourne?

Probate is an endorsement from the Supreme Court to authenticate all who appears with the Will and to have the Executor do his job. The document is stamped and sealed by the Court. For this purpose, one may needthe assistance of probate lawyers in Melbourne for easier and speedier processing.

Is Probate Often Necessary?

The answer to this is no. Those who hold the assets of a deceased can determine if they have the need or not to require a copy of Probate before the assets are released. When lawyers are needed, it will usually concern on assets that are over a certain dollar value. The probate is necessary when transferring a deceased’s property to his heirs.

How to Get a Probate?

It can be a fiddly and time-consuming process when you obtain a probate; hence, you need probate lawyers in Melbourne for assistance. The lawyers will prepare an application to the Supreme Court concerning details about the deceased, his assets, the Executor and the Will itself. This process will also be searched and advertised to notify all the intentions of applying for Probate. The research will provide relevant information about the application, which is in accordance with the rules of the Supreme Court.

Once it’s complete, the Court will lodge and assess it and send out an approved probate. The probate lawyers in Melbourne can deal with all questions that the Court will have before issuing a probate.

How Long Does It Take?

Unfortunately, getting a probate isn’t a fast process. The process will take around three to six months in order to complete. It can even get delayed if things don’t move on swiftly. For beneficiaries of a Will, they can’t receive the entitlements quickly; hence, they put pressure on the Executors. If heirs need a probate, they may need to wait some time before it’s finally processed and complete.

How Much Does It Cost?

To obtain a probate, you need to pay a fee for $350 for the Court to review the application plus the cost of advertising the application. This may or may not need assistance from probate lawyers in Melbourne; but should you need one, you need to pay a fee of $2500 on professional legal fees. The lawyers can provide any advice related to acquiring the costs.

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