When Refuse Disposal Is Expensive, People Turn To Hoarding Their Waste

According to local authorities, hoarding is becoming extremely common in Kerry County. Household waste is hoarded in spare rooms, yards, shed and attics and the local authorities cannot demand proof that the homeowners are getting rid of their waste.

The issue was raised publicly after neighbours complained that Kerry council workers were carrying out inspections of local authority properties. In some instances, council workers had to be called to clear out waste from homes that were rat-infested and filled with rubbish. The council workers have to intervene even if the smell of the garbage-filled homes were awful.

The council of Kerry County’s housing department is aware of the issue that is why it is undertaking inspection of the properties. Regular inspections are carried out in properties where incidents of hoarding rubbish previously occurred to ensure that it does not happen again.

Fianna Fail councillor Michael Cahill has proposed an amnesty because some cannot afford to pay the refuse charges of €300 and more annually. Collection of trash has been privatized in Kerry and the council cannot intervene with the charges imposed to homeowners. The housing department does not have the funds to subsidize the refuse disposal costs for individual homes.

An issue for local authorities is to confirm that rubbish is being kept inside the attics, sheds and yards. It is really a problem if people refuse to avail of refuse services. There are no trash bins outside the homes so that it is generally assumed that people are using transfer stations. However, there is no confirmation.

Last year, statutory regulations have come into force so that local authorities will be allowed to knock on doors and demand proof that their waste is being properly dumped and not kept indoors. Local authorities want to ensure that anyone who is producing waste will dispose of it in the proper way.

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