When Should You Visit Scotland?

You might be one of those plagued with the question when the best time is to visit Scotland? This will actually depend on you. There are so many things to do in Scotland whichever time of the year whether winter, summer, and fall or spring. You can do plenty of activities which are not dependent on the weather or season. The weather in Scotland can be changeable and is not likely to be very bad. Here are some things that you should have to know regarding the seasons in Scotland.

  • Spring. This is a beautiful time of the year to visit Scotland. The air is fresh and clean and you can go outdoors to marvel at the countryside, mountains and lochs in their splendor. This is the ideal time for doing outdoor activities like cycling, hiking, golfing, sea kayaking and fishing. It is also a great time to explore castles and be part of a whisky tour. Other great events that take place include mountain festival, and the Arran Wildlife Festival.
  • Summer. This is another great time to visit Scotland. The streets in Edinburgh are alive during the summer where local and national visitors go to the place. There are performers from every corner of the world that participate in the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.
  • Autumn. The Scottish countryside in this time of the year is adorned with a mixture of brown and gold colors. This is the time of the year for the outdoor enthusiasts to enjoy cycling, climbing and walking.
  • Winter. There are tourists that go to Scotland during the winter to have a shopping experience in the two largest cities of the country Glasgow and Edinburgh. Tourists stay in Scotland during the holiday winters to witness other spectacular events like Glasgow On Ice. There are also non-stop dancing and non-stop music in the country.

If you wish to vacation in Scotland any time of the year, you would want to stay in self catering accommodations. There are plenty of luxury cottages Aviemore in the place also so that you would be pampered away from home.

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