Why Felicity Palmateer Never Reveals Her Current Location On Social Media

Felicity Palmateer is one of the most popular and successful professional surfers in Australia and she frequently travels all over the globe. The truth is that when it comes to using social media, her post freedom to post is very limited due to creeps who are lurking online.

Palmateer is 24 years old and an expert in big wave surfing. She has an Instagram account which currently has over 135,000 followers who are excited to know what is going on with her, who are always excited to see photos of her while in different beaches in different parts of the world. Most of her shots are featuring the swimwear brand Billabong which is ideal for a sportswoman like her. She admitted that she has already learned how to post things while filtering details.

She said that she is posting but tries not to give away too much detail. If there is one thing that the Braun ambassador always make sure, it is that she does not post things in real time especially of her location because of there are many online creeps. This is most important when she posts on Snapchat. She does not want everyone to know her location every day this she will a video for her fans to be posted on Snapchat but she will post it a few hours after and not at the exact time of recording.

She admitted that she has been joining competitions since she was 17 and she felt like she already knows the world and what to do but she still felt safe knowing she is taking those extra measures.

Palmateer was born in Perth but based in Gold Coast. It was two years ago when she bagged the record for the biggest wave to be surfed by a woman in Australia, a title previously owned by Layne Beachley.

She admitted that while she dons a bikini because of the nature of her work, she does not feel any pressure into looking a certain way thus she advised women all over the world to feel the same and not be conscious when choosing girls surf swimwear in Sydney or wherever they may be.

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