Why Hoodies Almost Got Banned In Oklahoma

Hoodies are popular pieces of clothing for the young and old alike. It is a fact Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is famous for wearing hoodies and gray t-shirts. They are worn by children with cartoon inspirations like My little Pony.

However, in Oklahoma, hoodies almost got banned. Last year Oklahoma Republican State Senator Don Barrington introduced a legislation that would have made wearing hoodies illegal in the state. The proposed legislation became a butt of jokes. If the legislation was passed, it would be the first to ban the much maligned piece of clothing.

On the other hand, Barrington explained that the bill is not designed to ban hoodies but to prevent the wearing of masks and disguises in the commission of crimes. The objective of Barrington is to protect law abiding citizens and not limit their rights. Senate Bill 13 became known as the “hoodie bill”. The bill would have excused people for dressing up in events like parades and Halloween.

Individuals will also be excused if they will be required to wear masks due to religious beliefs or if there is a safety or medical reason to do so. There were no exemptions made for the Ku Klux Klan members.

Barrington was dead serious about the legislation; in fact, it has a tone of urgency. An urgent situation has been stressed when it was stated that “It being immediately necessary for the preservation of public peace, health and safety an emergency is hereby declared to exist by reason whereof this act shall take effect and be in full force from and after its passage and approval.”

Unfortunately, people viewed the bill as discriminatory intended to oppress and suppress free speech. Common sense prevailed because after an evaluation of the bill assigned to the Judiciary Commission, Oklahoma State Senator Anthony Sykes decided that Senate Bill 13 will not be heard so that they can focus on other legislations. It is apparent that Oklahoma legislators are just too glad that the controversial bill banning hoodies has died. With or without hoodies and masks, crimes will always be committed.

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