Why Organic Traffic Is Important

A lot of businesses have set online offices to expand the reach of audiences and clients. In order to become the top source of online visitors, they strive for organic traffic. This is responsible for gathering a number of visitors more than paid and social traffic can do.


  • Majority of people nowadays go over the internet to look for products and services before they go to the physical stores. They make use of a search engine to do their own search. This makes organic search the top source of traffic.


  • Organic traffic is best for user intent. People usually use keywords when searching. Example, they would type “second hand shoes Toronto” so they could find cheap shoes in the city. Search results of Google have a great role for users to find more shops and services. It even has an impact on buying decisions. This is also the same with product-related searches where users search for a specific product.


  • Organic traffic is also cost-effective. Businesses such as King Kong SEO see it as a good investment because of its long-term advantages. Once your website gets on the top of every user search, you can definitely stay on that place for a long period of time.


  • It, too, is great for generating more sales. Websites that are highly ranked have the power to attract more potential clients and viewers. Users will become more interested and may take more time to discover your page than with those that are at the bottom.


  • If your business is local, then organic rankings are essential for you. 30% of online searches are connected to location while 70% of users would go to a store within about 8 kilometres. When you have good local SEO, your business will not only be more visible in SERP but you can also convince more clients to visit your store. If you want your website to achieve the same success with King Kong SEO, you have to aim for organic rankings.


  • In today’s internet craze where there is an overwhelming increase in voice search and AI technologies, your website will most likely be spotted organically.
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