With Funeral Insurance, Families Do Not Need Fundraising

Death is inevitable and it wise to do some planning while you are still alive. Even with the assistance of a funeral director in Sydney, the family still needs to make difficult decisions particularly if they do not have an idea of your wishes. Will it be traditional burial or cremation? Will there be a religious ceremony in your honour?

Only 3% of Kenyans have insurance because they are not aware of the financial benefits it will provide. Instead of considering insurance as an investment, it is viewed as a financial burden. One of the most misunderstood insurance is the last expense cover or funeral. It is understandable because people do not want to talk about death.

It is difficult for people to plan for their death that is why there is a very low uptake of funeral insurance among Kenyans. Cultural beliefs make it taboo to speak about demise. According to the results of a survey made by Association of Kenyan Insurers, only 3% of Kenyans have funeral insurance.

When a family member dies, the families have to spend between Sh50 thousand and Sh2.5 million for the funeral. The cost is covered by contributions from family members, friends and welfare associations. A common phenomenon in Kenya is harambee, a tradition of community self-help events.

Even the more affluent families have to resort to fund-raising after being saddled with a huge hospital bill. Numerous fundraisers are being held nowadays to help pay for funeral services. If there are no prior funeral arrangements, the family of the deceased can be financially ruined.

When there is funeral insurance, those who are left behind have the money to spend for essentials. Funeral cover is usually a rider on life or standalone policies. While no amount of money can wipe the pain of losing a loved one, the family is protected from the financial burden of death.

You can talk to the funeral director in Sydney if you want pre-funded funeral arrangements. It is a thoughtful act and at the same time, a sound financial investment. No one knows what will happen in the future but by being prepared, a financial disaster is avoided.

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