203 Fine Art Presents A Selection Of Modern Contemporary Art Works

Taos Gallery 203 Fine Art presented during its opening reception fine museum-quality collection of art works by Taos Moderns and a well curated selection of the best modern, contemporary and abstract paintings and sculptures by Taos artists and nationally known painters and sculptors. The next focus of “Legends of Taos Series” will be Taos Moderns Robert Ellis and MichioTakayama.

According to Eric Andrews of 203 Fine Art, Ellis and Takayama fell in love with Taos when they went to the place for the Helene Wurlitzer Foundation grants,  a highly sought after creativity residency that is highly desired by artists all over the world. The two men became close friends because both of them were singularly dedicated to the spirit of art.

In the 2005 MichioTakayama:A Retrospective, Takayama’sdaughter Wako wrote that her father lived according to Paul Klee’s tenet “The main purpose of art is not to render the visible, but rather to make the visible – putting the inner feeling into the work was paramount.” Most of Takayama’s themes included color-radiant canvasses of suns, petroglyphs, the sky and horizon of Taos including space. A piece that was titled “Poems of Ryokan” was 1984 oil on canvas that included poems from other artists.

Takayama established as an artist in his own homeland Japan where he pursued art against the wishes of his father who wanted him to join the banking business. In his handwritten statement, Takayama said that he conceived art in dualistic terms like intellect and emotion, white and black and straight lines and curves. He created a pleasing harmony of colors and form during his artistic quest.

Ellis on the other hand was quite remarkable with crayons which he used in expressing his art. Ellis was also highly regarded in Mexico’s international art circle for his large geometric abstracts of layered oils that were predominantly blues, teals, purples and reds.

In the world art canvasses, it is very likely to find one piece of personalized art that will appeal to your senses. It can easily be used to decorate the home to express your personality. There are expert artists that can create a unique and customized art work for every occasion.

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