4 Gap Analysis Steps

A gap is an event, a situation or a circumstance that we expect to happen but doesn’t turn out the way we expect it to be. There are numerous gaps that we encounter every day and if we do not master the art of processing the gaps, they could accumulate and may develop into more complicated issues in the future. Unsorted issues also become more difficult to process and resolve. To help you process your gaps at your level, here are 4 gap analysis steps that you can refer to.

Step 1

The first step towards bridging the gap between what you want and its realization is finding out what it is that you want in the first place. Focus on your thoughts and how you think about these thoughts and how you want to think about them.

Step 2

Find a gap analysis tool over the internet that will reflect your gaps and how to process them. The tool you should use should match with your needs. Use the tool for you to engage and start working on the change that you want to achieve. Remember that no one else can do and complete the gap analysis steps for you but you alone. The sooner you start processing on your gaps, the sooner they will be sorted out.

Step 3

Find out from the website from which you obtained the gap analysis tool from if there is a forum within where you can post questions and obtain answers on how to go about with the tool. Also, look for improvements on yourself and acknowledge them. You might even want to celebrate over your success and self-realizations. Before you seek assistance from the forum or from others, find your way towards awareness and enlightenment. Trust your inner self for guidance.

Step 4

The last part of the gap analysis steps is working towards the realization or fulfillment of the change you want to achieve. Find inspiration from others who are seeking ways to fill the gaps in their everyday life. You can find them in forums and discussion boards online.

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