4 Things Your Wedding Caterer In Sydney Should Know

You surely would want everything to be perfect on your wedding day. That includes the food that you are going to serve. You want it to come from the kitchen of an expert wedding caterer in Sydney that has been in the business for long.To ensure that you will have the best catered food on your weeding, book your reservations ahead especially if you plan to invite more than a hundred guests for the event. When booking for the food catering service, the service provider would ask you some important details. Here are some of them.

Wedding date

This is perhaps the first information that will be asked from you by the wedding caterer.It is also among the most important detail that you should provide. Wedding caterers would generally accept orders if they are not booked on that date yet which is why it is important to place your reservations early on or a few months before the wedding. This will give the wedding caterer in Sydney ample time to prepare for the menu.

Number of guests

You will also be asked how many guests you are going to invite or the quantity of food portions that the caterer will prepare. They need this information for food costing and also for them to prepare for the right amount of food. There are wedding caterers who would ask your budget so they can work around it. Consider ordering for buffers just in case you get unexpected guests on your wedding.

The menu

Visit the caterer’s website to find out what type of food they offer. When you have already identified your orders, inform the caterer right away for them to prepare for it. It is important to inform the caterer immediately especially if you are going to order season dishes.

Special requests

Another important detail that the wedding caterer in Sydney will ask from you is if you have special requests. The caterer would want to know if you want a vegan or dairy-free dishes or other considerations that you want to be accommodated. Make sure that you are clear with the caterer in order for you to have the perfect dishes on your wedding day.

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