A Brief Insight Into The Cross-Border Trade Between Canada And The USA

Trucking is the preferred method for cross-border transport because it delivers a significantly valuable advantage of cost, timing, and visibility. Cross-border trade between Canada and the USA is considered big business because it generates astronomical profits for everyone involved, However, cross-border trade has its own set of rules from carrier requirements to custom paperwork and security clearances.

The US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and the Canadian Border Services Agency take cross-border shipping very seriously. Both agencies want to know what the trucks are bringing to their countries and their origin. They will get the information from the documentation which means that it has to be done properly and accurately. If something is missing when the truck reaches customs, the delay could be long with unnecessary fees.

Carriers are the most important partners of shippers in cross-border trade. It is important to choose a cross-border trucking provider whether a 3PL or asset-based with experience in hauling cross-border freight. Documentation is very important for the cross-border freight and once something is wrong, you will be exposed to risks.

Canada and the USA are trade partners that generate billions of dollars in trade movement. Canada is the number one market for US exports. 60% of its overall trade is with the US. Since a lot of trade happens between the two countries, costly mistakes cannot be avoided. It is important for cross-border trucking providers to gain as much information as possible on the shipment from descriptive literature, product composition details, and product samples. Information will help tremendously in determining tariff classification.

Both Canada and the United States have a long list of items that are not allowed to enter the country. Trucking providers must know where the shipment originated from, the individual parts of the product, and where the final assembly took place. Anything that can harm public safety and national interests is prohibited.


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