A California Private Rehab Raided By FBI

FBI raided many locations of the Southern California private rehab company Sovereign Health as part of an existing investigation, authorities said. This is nothing new as the government always checks those institutions that are open to the public for their usance.

A search warrant was provided at the sites in San Juan Capistrano, San Clemente, Palm Desert and Culver City; however, no arrests were made, said FBI spokeswoman Laura Eimiller. They may have found out a violation in procedures and practices for executing rehabilitation on drug dependents and mental health patients.

The search warrants were recorded under seal, and officials were forbidden to discuss the level of the investigation, Eimiller said. They refused to disclose information about the case, as investigation was ongoing. However, a representative for the company could not be attained for feedback. Maybe they didn’t want to reveal themselves.

Sovereign health has a variety of treatment programs in Arizona, Florida, Utah and Texas, as well as various facilities and home across Southern California.

The company’s website also lists an office in India, eight homes around Culver City and ten homes in the Coachella Valley. It’s actually a huge California private rehab that has branched extensively.

They provide programs for drug detoxification and treatment for mental health disorders and addiction. A license could have sufficed the rehab business in the state of California.

In San Juan Capistrano, authorities also searched a private residence along Silver Leaf Drive, the same location where Sovereign CEO Tonmoy Sharma resides.

Sharma’s medical license was retracted by UK”s General Medical Council in 2008 for “serious professional misbehavior.”

A commission found that he admitted to have a doctor’s degree but had not finished it; that he underwent immoral research practices in relation to human subjects; and that he exhibited “a severe neglect for constituted moral practices and procedures.”

About that the time, Sharma affirmed to the Orange County Register that the loss of his license in the UK was unrelated to his work in the California private rehab industry. He described the commission hearing his case as “witch hunt.” Sharma told the newspaper he had a medical license in India.

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