A Future Look To The Textile Industry Of Taiwan

The knitted and non-knitted textile industries in Taiwan remain to be a strong force in the worldwide market. The Taiwanese products have adapted to the demands of different people across the globe, they also have positioned strategically across geographical locations and have promoted their products well.

Not only is the textile industry thriving in this Asian country but as well as in other countries across the globe. There has always been a fair share of various companies in the textile market. Even in the US, the apparel industry continues to attract customers as more and more people become trendy. Especially that the holiday season is fast approaching, the apparel retailers are readying themselves for bulk orders. Ugly Christmas sweaters are one of the most anticipated products during this time of the year. The fad has spread to different cities around the globe.

Government policies

In order to strengthen the textile industry, those in authority regulate the sector and ensure that there is an economic balance in the exchange of goods and services. In Taiwan, the government is manning an upgrade in the industry for apparels. This new policy is aimed at developing Taiwan into becoming a fashion design center in Asia as well as an R&D production base for technical and functional textiles in the Asia Pacific countries. The main aim is to transform the production focus from Made in Taiwan to Designed in Taiwan including Brands in Taiwan.

According to the statistics released by the government of Taiwan, the value of its current knitting industry is about $48.3 billion and that there are around 800 manufacturers in the country employing more than 21,500 people.


The sweater industry in the country is worth $150 million. This is quite small compared to the neighbors of Taiwan in the Asia Pacific region. But it is worth noting that the industry has drastically changed from the 1960s when all manufacturers were based purely in Taiwan. In the past few years, Taiwan adapted the off-shoring trend which was quite effective for the country as it repositioned its role in the market.

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