A Second Bomb Attack In Bangkok

Phuket Holiday Villas are rented out fast as more tourists prefer villas rather than staying at luxury hotels. Though Thailand may have a growing tourism industry, this may be cut off shortly because of security threats after two bombs exploded in its capital city, Bangkok.

Bangkok was placed in a state of high alert after a second bomb exploded on August 18. At about 1:20 pm on a Tuesday, an explosive device was tossed at the Sathorn boat pier. The pier is a usual crowded place teemed with tourists. The deadly device seems to have been dropped or thrown from the Taksin Bridge which is just above the Sathorn Pier. Images captured from the explosion would show huge plume of water covering the passers-by as the explosive device landed in the river and exploded.

Fortunately nobody was injured in the incident but authorities said that the situation could be even worse. A local driver of boat later showed a newspaper that some metal ball bearings were found at the scene.

The chief of police of Thailand has now officially announced the link of the Sathorn pier bombing with the devastating explosion that took place in Erawan Shrine on Monday. As reported by the Bangkok Post, it was reported that both explosive devices used TNT stuffed in a metal pipes. The bomb found on August 18 appeared to be much smaller compared to that on Monday and only had half the radius blast.

The Sathorn pier is reportedly a busy place for both locals and tourists. It is the route where commuters will be connected from the BTS Skytrain to the river taxi services of Bangkok. It is also considered as the main dock for luxury boats in the place. The Sathorn Pier is also where tourists catch boat rides to the Asiatique night market which is a popular attraction for Chinese tourists.

The attack on August 18 came in less than 24 hours after the deadly attack on the Erawan Shrine located in central Bangkok. The first bomb blast killed at least 20 people and injured at least 100 others. Both of the attacks targeted places in the city where large numbers of travelers or tourists gather.

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