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The Story of Lockout 484 provides information, news, updates and discussions for our intelligent audience. We aim to empower our readers with information so that they will be aware of the plight of workers. More importantly, our site welcomes discussions because in a fully democratic country, people have the right to voice out their opinions. There is a number of interesting developments that people have the right to know.

What is the Story of Lockout 484?

In 2005, the Boilermakers Union has been locked out by Celanese Emulsions Ltd., one of the top industrial chemical corporations from Dallas. The plant was formerly owned by National Starch and Chemical and 150 workers were employed by the plant. However, when Celanese took over, there was supposedly some sort of union busting because the union was notified that their wages will be reduced by 35% with cuts on vacation leaves and benefits.

Apparently, Celanese brought in some thugs from the Special Response Corp. and harassed the union families.

According to the leaflets of the Road Warrior, the campaign of terror included videotaping of union member including their families. The leaflets also states that these transgressions to privacy were overlooked by the local’s sheriff’s office. A local judge has signed an injunction that limits union activity particularly on the picket line.

The members of the Union 484 have a good reputation in the community because they would often volunteer for rescue squads and the fire department. They were very active in worthy causes which endeared them to the community.

In August 2005, a charge was filed by the Union 484 against Celanese with the National Labor Relations Board for the failure to bargain in good faith and the submission of requested information. A memo was issued by the board that stated the lockout was unlawful from its inception. Union 484 is prepared to carry its message to gain support from other organizations. Union 484 is calling for help.

The Story of Lockout 484 wants people to aware of any developments on the Union’s case. If you have any suggestions and questions or if you want to participate in the discussions, please contact us at www.lockout484.org.

Charles I GrayCharles Gray the Editor

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