Additional CCTV Cameras Installed In Scot Rail

CCTV security in Perth is given top priority as much as anywhere in the world. This is the reason why ScotRail recently decided to take extra measures in preventing crimes in their stations with the help of additional CCT cameras which will be installed strategically.

More than 300 new CCTV cameras were purchased by ScotRail to be installed all over the 359 stations covered by the ScotRail Alliance. This is to aid the passengers as well as the staff in feeling secure while they are utilizing the service provided by the railway system.

Special emphasis is given on cyclists because of the previous crimes and complaints received by the agency. There are now more cameras to be installed in about 200 stations in order to keep a close eye on the parking areas for bicycles and to make sure that future bike thieves will be apprehended.

The franchise began in 2015 and ever since, there are still 76 stations that have no CCTV security system. The new project covers these stations for installation. ScotRail will be able to monitor the footage in a remote location which is the customer service centers of the company located in both Dunfermline and Paisely.

According to the safety and sustainability director of ScotRail Alliance, David Lister, traveling by train is a safe route but it does not entail that the safety of the customers are not given higher importance. They are sending a message to the general public that they wanted to crack down crimes happening within the railway thus they have decided to install more CCTV cameras.

He also added that police investigations before were able to make use of the footage taken by their cameras as well as secure the prosecution of suspects in the court.

CCTV security in Perth is not only beneficial to private properties and business but the police as well. In the case of the British Transport Police in charge of the jurisdiction of ScotRail Alliance, they are happy with the news of additional CCTV cameras because it will make criminals think twice before committing crimes and criminal activities may be prevented.

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