Adults Who Wear Braces Are Not Vain

Dental braces used to be associated to teenagers only but nowadays, adults are discovering the benefits of braces to straighten their teeth. According to orthodontists, braces for adults have become very popular for teeth straightening in spite of their cost and length of treatment process. Bu why are people increasingly becoming motivated to have beautiful smiles?

According to the British Orthodontic Society, braces are big business. At least three quarters of their members see adults as their patients. Many orthodontic clinics have expanded the business and invested in new equipment. Barclays has almost doubled their loans to dentists in the last few years.

Many adults are motivated by the beautiful straight smiles on Instagram feeds and reality TV shows. The perfect smiles of celebrities persuade their followers to have braces. Others believe that adult braces have become more socially acceptable.

Lucy Setter was already 27 years old when she had braces. Lucy visited the orthodontist when she was 14 years old but she was scared when the orthodontist suggested a head brace. When Lucy was 19 years old, she returned to the orthodontist but discovered that NHS does not cover treatment for patients who are more than 18 years old.

Lucy wanted a beautiful smile. Fortunately, Lucy was able to find an orthodontist offering interest-free payment plan. Now Lucy is more confident with her smile and all other aspects of her life. It helped that celebrities posted their perfect smiles because it encouraged Lucy to have her teeth fixed.

Hannah Bailey had horse teeth, making her self-conscious when she was a teenager. However, her fear that braces will attract more unwanted attention prevented her from getting the dental appliance. She was also worried that people will judge her decision to have braces. It is not vanity that pushed Hannah to go the orthodontist clinic but to have a straighter smile.

Neil Hillyard was 52 years old when he was fitted with braces. There were many opportunities for Neil to have braces when he was younger but treatment was inaccessible and not socially accepted. Neil was also worried because people might think it unusual for a man to wear braces at his age. No one is too old to have braces. There are braces for adults that are less noticeable.

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